Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

As a specialized mold manufacturer in China, Kwok Fai has nearly 20 years of experience in injection plastic mould design and manufacture. We provide a variety of plastic injection molds and injection molded parts. With advanced plastic mold machining equipment, high quality raw materials, as well as mature mold flow analysis and DFM analysis teams, we are able to offer premium injection molds for automobile, home appliance, and precision instrument. Also, our company is adjacent to two major ports, so delivery costs can be reduced. In addition, as a high quality mold maker, Kwok Fai can provide customers with OEM services on injection molded products.

    1. Plastic Injection Mold for Automotive Industry

      We provide molds for auto parts such as radiator, dashboard, door, inner cavity, inner decoration, etc. to companies like Toyota, GM, Nissan, Honda, VW, Volvo, BMW, Citroen, and Peugeot. These companies have strict requirements on the design, processing, and testing of automotive mold.

    1. Plastic Injection Mold for Home Appliance

      We select a wide range of raw materials for producing home appliance moulds, including PA, PA+GF, POM, PP, PP+Talc, TPE, PBT, ABS, PS, TPO, TPE, PVC, and so on. Also, other types of molds are available for home appliances, such as bi-color mold, stack mold, die-casting mold, etc.

    1. Precision Plastic Injection Mold

      We have been committed to producing quality, precision injection mold for the manufacture of auto parts, copier parts, printer parts, and other industrial precision parts. For the past 20 years, we have cooperated with a large number of customers, especially in the automotive industry ...

    1. Large Plastic Injection Mold

      Our company has specialized equipment and processing workshops for large injection mold production. The cold runner slider is mounted on the bottom of the mold and each runner is equipped with a shut-off device. Only by controlling resin flow and its flexibility, injection molds of different sizes ...

    1. Custom Plastic Injection Molds

      In addition to the plastic injection molds available in our catalogue, we are also capable of producing customized molds for many other industries, based on over 17 years experience in mould making industry. For instance, we can produce plastic injection moulds for the making of insulators, battery cases, medical instruments, and outdoor electric power tools.

    1. Customized Injection Molded Parts

      We can produce different plastic parts, including precision parts, according to the needs of the customers. Electroplating parts and die casting parts are also available .

  • Service and Support
  • Our company has introduced advanced equipment, such as injection molding machines of 50 to 1750 tons, hot runner system, and mold temperature control system. We also adopt advanced computer analysis software to simulate production effect to make optimal product design. Hence, we are able to provide customers with superior injection molds and injection molded parts.

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